RSO Training Modules

RSO Officer Training


Looking to gain a leg up on the hows and whys of your Recognized Student Organization? The Office of Student Activities presents the brand new RSO Officer Training to provide you with the needed skills and knowledge necessary for your organization or club to thrive here at Syracuse University.


Directions: Each of the RSO Office Training e-learning modules are required. RSO presidents are responsible for completing the modules in order to maintain their organizations’ recognition status. At the end of each module there is a mandatory assessment. Completion of the assessment, by the RSO president, with a passing score (100%) is required for the organization to maintain its status as a Recognized Student Organization.





Read below before you begin your training


  1. Make sure the organization for which you are completing the modules is active.
  2. Make sure your are listed as an officer in the organization for which you are completing the modules.
  3. If your organization is not active and/or you are not listed as an officer, STOP. Contact the Office of Student Activities at to figure out what’s going on.
  4. If you are listed as an officer and your organization is active, sign in with your email address and choose your first module below…